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Bargraph: MONTWILL indicators

With good cause, a bargraph indicator is one of the most common digital indicators. The operating mode of these instruments is as simple as ingenious: The length of the bars of this indicator shows the size of the signal and the according changes.

Panel meters: multifunctional digital bargraph indicators
The bargraph indicator can be triggered faster than a corresponding numeric indicator and offers a more graphic visual presentation. Due to the technical features, the highly iluminous mordern bargraph indicators are most suitable for e.g. the monitoring of all different kind of industrial and other commercial processes. When it comes to selecting appropriate panel meters, these digital types are often preferred. MONTWILL offers a large choice of vertical and horizontal aligned bargraph indicators, for many applications and in different sizes.

Your bargraph indicator in proven MONTWILL quality
Available are indictor types for frequency, direct current and direct voltage signals. The 5-digit frequency indicators come with a 270°-bargraph indicator and are adjusted via the front keys or via software. Our bargraph indicators for direct current/direct voltage can be equipped with a 270°-display or a standard display. With the standard display, a change between DOT and BAR display is possible. The adjustment of the display value happens via potentiometer. DC-bargraphs are available as high voltage version, too.

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