Bargraph device MB1 Standard signals 96 x 24 mm

MB1 LED-indicator bargraph indicator for metering of standard signals such as current or voltage

Item description

The MB1-33RHO.0001.770xD is a 30 points bargraph display, designed for direct current/direct voltage signals. Configurable via a code switch on the rear side and a pushbutton. 8 different display types and the minimal installation depth of only 60 mm are characteristics of this device.

Bargraph display MB3 Standard signals 96 x 24 mm

MB3 LED-display bargraph for metering of standard signals

Item description

The MB3-3VT3VR.0001.W70xD is a 30 points bargraph with a 3-digit digital display, designed for direct voltage/direct current signals. The configuration happens via 4 front keys or via the optional PC-software PM-TOOL. Available options are: one
analog output, one sensor supply, one digital input, interfaces RS232/RS485 and two switching points. Selectable software functions, a direct limit value adjustment in operating mode and different display options like e.g. bar or dot-operation for the bargraph fullfill the standard of a modern device.

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Item description

Technical Data

Housing 96 x 24 mm
Display 30 points bargraph display
4mm segment height
Colour: red, green, orange or blue display
Range displayed Displayed as bars, dots or window
Operation decode switch on the backside
Input 0/4-20 mA / Span -22…24 mA
0-10 VDC / Span -12…12 VDC
Analogue Output
Switch point
Power supply 24 VDC +/-10% galvanic isolated
Sensor supply
Software properties
  • parameterisation via HEX-switch or feeler
  • pre-adjusted input for standard signal 0-10 V and 0/4-20 mA
  • 8 different display types are adjustable, like bars, dots or curtain
  • free choice of direction and display of the centre (e.g. bars starting from the middle of the display)
  • gradual brightness control
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