Digital indicator M3 Frequency 96 x 24 mm

Montwill Produkte: Digital indicator M3 Frequency 96 x 24 mm

Item description

The M3-3FR5B.0307.W70xD is a 5-digit pabel meter for pulse measuring via incremental encoder, NPN/PNP or Namur sensor and a visual limit value monitoring via the display. Configuration happens via three front keys or via an optional PC-software. As options one analog output, one frequency output, the interfaces RS232/RS485 and two switching points are available. Many selectable software functions and a direct limit value adjustment in operating mode complete the modern device concept.


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Technical Data

Housing 96 x 24 mm
Display 5-digit
14 mm digit height
Colour: red, green, orange or blue display
Range displayed 0 to 99999
Operation front panel keyboard protection class IP65
Input Frequency
0.01 to 999.99 kHz
3-wire PNP/NPN, Namur, incremental encoder, TTL signals
Digital input: <2.4V OFF, >10V ON, max. 30 VDC
Analogue Output 0/4-20 mA / 0-10 VDC / 16 Bit
Alternatively interface RS232/RS485
Switch point 1 or 2 change-over relays
250 VAC / 2 AAC ; 30 VDC / 2 ADC
Interface RS232 or RS485 galvanic isolated
Alternatively analog output
Power supply 10-40 VDC / 18-30 VAC 50/60Hz
100-240 VAC 50/60 Hz / DC +/- 10%
Sensor supply 10 VDC / 50 mA, incl. digital input
24 VDC / 50 mA, incl. digital input
Software properties
  • min/max-memory with adjustable permanent display
  • 30 additional adjustable supporting points
  • display flashing at threshold value exceedance/undercut
  • Schmitt-Trigger-input
  • digital frequency filter for contact bounce suppression and interference suppresion
  • frequency filter with varying pulse-duty factor
  • navigation keys for triggering of Hold, Tara, display change, setpoint setting, alarm actuator
  • flexible alarm system with adjustable delay times
  • volume metering (Totalisator) pulse precisely for frequencies up to 1kHz
  • mathematical functions like reciprocal value, square root, squaring and rounding
  • constant setting/setpoint setting
  • sliding averaging
  • brightness control via parameter or front keys
  • programming interlock via access code
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